#119 Introduction to GraphQL 2-11-2018

GraphQL is a query language for your API. In this episode, we will look at adding GraphQL to our Ruby on Rails application and seeing how we can pull down data and create records.
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#118 Ruby on Rails - Tips and Tricks 2-4-2018

In this episode, we will go through some of the tips and tricks that we often take for granted. We will be looking at nested routes, scopes, migrations and more.
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#117 Upgrading Ruby on Rails Versions 1-28-2018

In this episode, we look at updating a Ruby on Rails application from v4.2.10 to v5.0.6. The overall steps taken will vary from every application, but the concepts applied will relatively be the same.
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#116 More on Stripe and Webhooks 1-21-2018

Continuing from Episode 114 and Episode 115, we look into adding listeners to Stripe's webhooks for tracking events occurring with customers, subscriptions and charges.
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#115 More on Stripe and Subscriptions 1-21-2018

In our previous episode, we looked at setting up our application to create Stripe Subscriptions. In this episode, we will look at managing the Subscriptions and working with cancelling and resubscribing to a subscription.
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