walldeau said almost 4 years ago on Sorting from Scratch :

Thanks for the stimulus handbook link. I've been tweaking and playing around using hints from the article but it I can't find a way to make the computation in view as the order changes, I need to read more and need more time to learn I guess. 

While I am at it, for the meantime I am thinking of sticking to my old inefficient approach just to make my app useable already--after rearranging the items, I go to the web browser's address bar and hit enter to reload the page. 

To automate this, I tried using these two but they don't seem to reload the items (does not reflect the updated running amount).
redirect_to :back
redirect_to @list

If I may ask one more further: Is there a way to do this in the controller such that it reloads everything in the page as good as manually hitting enter key in the address bar?