Navid Shafie said over 5 years ago on puma-dev replacement for pow and prax :
Thanks for your reply @kolbaltz, first in the app directory I ran rm ~/.puma-dev/"$(basename `pwd`)" to remove it from puma-dev, so when I go to ~/.puma-dev I can't see any folders and then I ran pkill -USR1 puma-dev to kill everything and than I ran pumad to start it again, but same issue. Not sure what I did wrong at this point :/ Btw when I run which puma-dev I get this: /usr/local/bin/puma-dev Im in rails 5.1 full message when I ran pumad: * Use '/usr/local/Cellar/puma-dev/0.12/bin/puma-dev' as the location of puma-dev * Installed puma-dev on ports: http 80, https 443 Your app should be available at http://appname.test and https://appname.test now!