#1 Pow


Serve your applications on your development machine with ease. Pow allows a dev domain to your local machine for spinning up linked applications
development domain rails 3:28



Install Pow

bashcurl get.pow.cx | sh
Powder is a great tool for making Pow easier to use.

bashgem install powder
Within your application root directory, you can now link or unlink your application.

bashpowder link
powder unlink
mikeymurph77 said over 2 years ago:

Great first video. I never knew such a service existed. Thanks for sharing!

[email protected] said over 1 year ago:

The last commit was in 2014, so it seems more or less dead. Also it was MacOS only.

kobaltz PRO said over 1 year ago:

Lately, I've been using Puma-dev

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