#2 Impressionist


A lightweight plugin that logs impressions per action or manually per model
view analytics rails 5:50


Gemfile     gem 'impressionist'
bash    bundle install
    rails g impressionist
    rake db:migrate
blogs_controller.rb    BlogsController < ApplicationController
      impressionist :actions=>[:show,:index]

    def show
      @blog = Blog.find
      impressionist(@blog, "message...") # 2nd argument is optional
blog.rb    class Blog < ActiveRecord::Base
index.html.erb    @blog.impressionist_count
Schwad said almost 2 years ago:

This is really handy! I had been using all sorts of mixpanel configurations, etc to try and track impressions on a site where all my visitors were anonymous, *not* users, and after watching this I think I'm going to have to give impressionist a go! Great screencast!

[email protected] said almost 2 years ago:

It seems that this gem is not really maintained anymore.

You can refer to this issue on Github to get more info.

[email protected] said over 1 year ago:

Awesome episode!

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