Tiago Ameller PRO said over 2 years ago on Minitest and Test Driven Development :
Good tip on adding groups to Coverage report. Also, I didn't know about to filter not used files, as channels stuff. But I wanted to remove Channels, Jobs and Libraries tabs from report. I found this way looking at [Coverage source](https://github.com/colszowka/simplecov/blob/master/lib/simplecov.rb) ``` SimpleCov.start 'rails' do # add filter removes files from coverage, but not tabs in report add_filter 'app/channels/' add_filter 'vendor/' add_filter 'app/jobs/' # remove tabs in report groups.each do |group| groups.delete(group.first) if %w(Channels Jobs Libraries).include? group.first end # add my onw tabs in report add_group 'Datatables', 'app/datatables' add_group 'Policies', 'app/policies' add_group 'Presenters', 'app/presenters' end ```