madcowdzz said almost 2 years ago on GitHub Actions :
My Setup Ruby task is giving me the following error. It seems as though Github has changed their Actions a month after this video was released. 

Run ruby/[email protected] 

Error: Unable to process command '::add-path::/home/runner/.rubies/ruby-2.6.6/bin' successfully. 

Error: The `add-path` command is disabled. Please upgrade to using Environment Files or opt into unsecure command execution by setting the `ACTIONS_ALLOW_UNSECURE_COMMANDS` environment variable to `true`. For more information see: https://github.blog/changelog/2020-10-01-github-actions-deprecating-set-env-and-add-path-commands/

David Kimura PRO said almost 2 years ago on GitHub Actions :
  It looks like they have gone through several updates. Check out https://github.com/marketplace/actions/setup-ruby-jruby-and-truffleruby and click on the green dropdown on the top right to see the different versions. They do recommend to use ruby/[email protected] which I guess will take in all of the updates.

damian.szalbierz PRO said 10 months ago on GitHub Actions :
Nice tutorial, but do you have any advice how to proceed with github actions and docker? And maybe pushing do heroku with docker while tests passes?

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