oalbacha said over 4 years ago on Feature Testing with Capybara :
thanks for this episode, very helpful! However, I have the following code: html erb ``` Name
``` spec ``` it "allows deleting of existing reservation takers" do restaurant = create(:restaurant, staff_names: [{"name"=>"Marc Jeffrey", "pin"=>""}]) visit restaurant_users_path fill_in "restaurant[staff_names][][name]", match: :first, with: "Nezar Khadem" click_on "Save Reservation Takers" within(first("td a.delete-taker")) do click_link('-') expect(page).not_to have_css("a.delete-taker", text: "-") end end end ``` the view looks like this: ![](https://pasteboard.co/I9VzyK4.jpg) How can I test the deleting of the user?