Tim said almost 2 years ago on Creating and Reading QR Codes :
 Thank you for this video David.

Could you help me with the following? 

The scanner doesn't work on an iPhone properly. The page is loaded and the camera image is shown, but freezes right away (it basically shows a picture instead of video). 
It seems like the code is still requesting the camera (green dot of camera usage is still on, and safari shows the red camera icon in the search bar), but no live feed. 
Both Safari and Firefox on iOS show the same behavior. 

On a Windows 10 PC it works, both with Edge and Firefox. On an Android devise with Chrome, the live feed works, but the image is stretched. 

I'm using Rails 7 + Ruby 3.1. and used the Yarn install. This test is on a production server. 

Maybe I should add the following:
I'm using Esbuild as bundler. 
I also tried to use a cdn instead of the Yarn install but can't get it to work (I'm a beginner at this)