Kam kara said almost 2 years ago on Building a Questionnaire :
I look You're put *nested_form_controller.js and dynamic_select_controller.js  in javascript folder on assets/javascripts/controllers

I think in rails 7, all JS codes is locking in Javascrip/controller (I don't kwon if good way to rebuild this project).

I ask this question because since yesterday, I can't get the question to work, but the Questionnaire is created without any problem.
I suspect my Hotwire configuration

Note: I added Hotwire via commands:
bundle add hotwire-rails && rails hotwire:install

To be sure, I even copied and pasted the project following the guide.
Are there any specific changes for rails 7?
Or maybe I missed something. But I don't have any errors in the console either

Normally I would delete my question, but I think some people will be in the same trap if they are not careful.
In rails 7 the stimulus code is written after extending the default controller... and is different in rails 6 
see an example:
import { Controller } from "@hotwired/stimulus"

export default class extends Controller {
.... your code here ...