Schwad said about 7 years ago on ActiveJob :

I've never had much opportunity to play with activejob, watching this made the entire process seem not that intimidating at all. Thanks so much for the screencast!

sandric mora said over 6 years ago on ActiveJob :

I think you got error, you do not actually delivering mail, you just render it inside perform method. I was watching video with that specific purpose, with question in my head - should you use deliver_now or deliver_later if you sending email with active job perform_later method.

David Kimura PRO said over 6 years ago on ActiveJob :

Personally, I would probably use deliver_now. The background job is already asynchronous so there isn't much point to loop back to another job. However, if I were sending many emails within a background job, I would use deliver_later.

colleen said about 4 years ago on ActiveJob :
Don't we need a `deliver_now` in our job when we all the contact mailer?

def perform(from,subject,message)

David Kimura PRO said about 4 years ago on ActiveJob :
Yea, it should have deliver (or deliver_now) on there.

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