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Short technical, hardware, software, architecture and infrastructure talks!

This Week in Rails - 2022-10-08

Updated Permissions-Policy directives and LSP support?

This Week in Rails - 2022-09-30

ERB in YAML keys, performance boosts, a new option for QueryLogs!

This Week in Rails - 2022-09-23

Improved assert_redirected_to, improved error messages and more!

This Week in Rails - 2022-09-17

Handling reconnects in Action Cable, no more Coffeescript and a new guide.

This Week in Rails - 2022-09-10

Rack 3 and Rails 7.0.4, 6.1.7, and 6.0.6 releases, ActionDispatch::Cookies, etc

This Week in Rails - 2022-09-02

Bugfixes around ActiveStorage and Range Not Satisfiable. ActiveRecord Query Methods "select" can not accept a hash when you join tables. Options can be passed into the Cache fetch block for token expiration.

This Week in Rails - 2022-08-26

Lots of great features around the addition of the error_highlight gem and grepping rails routes.

This Week in Rails - 2022-08-19

Logging, raising and rescuing errors and a fix for a query method.

This Week in Rails - 2022-08-12

Mailer Previews in engines, Bug Fixes, improvements and more!

This Week in Rails - 2022-08-05

Strict template locals, detecting unused routes and an improved find_or_create_by

Gem Dependencies

Gems can provide so much functionality to our applications with minimal effort. However, when does this benefit become a hinderance to maintainability. In this video, I share some of my experiences with maintaining Ruby on Rails applications.

Frontend Javascript Frameworks

Decisions for adding in a Javascript Framework cannot be a light decision as there is a lot of tradeoffs. I discuss some of my experience and why I avoid adding in Javascript Frontend Frameworks and favor microframeworks like Stimulus.