Stripe Payments

This series focuses on taking online payments from individuals. Learn how to securely add payments into your application in a PCI Compliant fashion!
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  1. Shopping Cart with Turbo
    58:12 CC

    #334 Jan 30, 2022

    Shopping carts can be extremely complex as there are many moving parts involved. In this episode, we'll look at some of the considerations when adding this feature and build this implementation in Hotwire.
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  2. Shopping Cart Checkout
    26:31 CC

    #420 Sep 17, 2023

    Continuing on from Episode 334, we look at creating the rest of the functionality of our shopping cart. We look at creating the checkout page with Stripe and handling the webhooks when a checkout session has been completed.
    • 26min
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  3. Embedding Stripe Checkout
    19:11 CC

    #422 Oct 1, 2023

    Stripe Checkout is one of my favorite ways to handle payments in Ruby on Rails applications. Stripe Checkouts will soon have an option to embed the Checkout into your web application. In this episode, we'll look at implementing this feature with a StimulusJS controller.
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