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David Kimura David Kimura posted on 2022-12-14 23:14:23 UTC

I'm hoping for this area to be a great place for conversations and helping answer specific questions or just chatting about a specific topic. So, drop on in here and say hello!

AhmedNadar PRO said over 1 year ago :
Hi David,

Thanks for the forums. It is a wonderful idea.
Look forward to more features in the coming future.

charlesabety said over 1 year ago :
Hello...Where can I find the complete version of episode 216: Using Bootstrap themes? I am a pro member and in the episodes, it seems to carry only the abridged version referring pple to get to pro membership for the complete episode. Am I missing something?

David Kimura PRO said over 1 year ago :
  charlesabety  ill send you an email to help you resolve this.

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