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Paul Nicholson Paul Nicholson posted on 2023-11-29 22:41:28 UTC

Hello All. 1st Post and thanks to David for this great resource. 

I created a rails website with the help of youtube, chatgpt and google
So sorry if i get terms wrong. 

Website is Happy-Me.com 
It's a series of YouTube channel rankings and some maps etc. Pretty basic. 

I've found I've had issues everytime I've had to add new .js gems. 
they just dont seem to work. 

I think.. I am loading them with importmap and javascript/application.js
But in truth I have to add the import to import info to applicatipn.html.erb to get things working 

Just can't get importmap to do anything. I delete it's content and the site works fine. 

Now for a long winded question sorry. 
What is the best way to manage bundle and install these js gems? 
ChatGPT wants me to use webpacker but it says that is retired. 
Importmap I can't get working. 
And I see David uses bundleES or something like that?

I just want the best clean way to do this for 2023 and to get that working. 
For more FYI I tried to get the world example working Happy-Me.com/wordle (Tailwind CSS) 
But couldn't get the controller.js for it to even see it never mind work. 

Any help would be awesome 


David Kimura PRO said 7 months ago :
Importmaps is the ideal way to go in the future I think. It simplifies the environment quite a bit. However, esbuild has been a much more straight forward experience (especially if you're used webpacker in the past).

Paul Nicholson said 7 months ago :
Ok good to know I'm on the right track but i can't seem to get anything in importmap to work. 
Any help would be great. 

This is header of application.html.erb I have to manually add things like chartkick to make it work 

    <%= csrf_meta_tags %>
    <%= csp_meta_tag %>
    <meta name="google-adsense-account" content="ca-pub-3049695613396548">

    <meta charset="UTF-8">
    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">

    <%= javascript_importmap_tags %>
    <%= javascript_include_tag 'application' %>
    <%= javascript_include_tag 'https://www.gstatic.com/charts/loader.js' %>
    <%= javascript_include_tag 'chartkick' %>

    <script src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-2.1.4.min.js"></script>
    <script src="http://code.highcharts.com/highcharts.js"></script>

    <%= stylesheet_link_tag "tailwind", "inter-font", "data-turbo-track": "reload" %>
    <%= stylesheet_link_tag 'application', media: 'all', 'data-turbolinks-track': 'reload' %>
    <%= javascript_include_tag 'application', 'data-turbolinks-track': 'reload' %>

          this is contif/importmap.rb
# config/importmap.rb
pin "application", preload: true
pin "@hotwired/turbo-rails", to: "turbo.min.js", preload: true
pin "chartkick", to: "chartkick.js"
pin "Chart.bundle", to: "Chart.bundle.js"
I can delete all that and run site and the site runs fine 

// Configure your import map in config/importmap.rb. Read more: https://github.com/rails/importmap-rails
import "chartkick"
import "Chart.bundle"
import "@hotwired/turbo-rails"
import "app/controllers"
import 'custom'; // Import your custom JavaScript file
import { Turbo } from "@hotwired/turbo-rails"
window.Turbo = Turbo

//= require rails-ujs
import "controllers"

Again seems to do nothing. 

Do i need to remove sprockets? 

Also Assests manifest is
//= link_tree ../images
//= link_directory ../stylesheets .css
//= link_tree ../builds
//= link_tree ../../javascript .js
//= link_tree ../../../vendor/javascript .js

Changing that does break the site 


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