Admin style Views from rails generate scaffold in Rails 7

Aldo Burbank Aldo Burbank posted on 2023-11-27 07:02:59 UTC

The "Admin style" scaffolding of Rails 6 and previous was very helpful for a number of use cases.

Do you have any suggestions how to reproduce the classic scaffolding complete with HTML tables and a column for every field but instead compatible with Turbo and Hotwire and probably using Flex CSS?

Thank you for providing a way to ask you about a Rails topic directly.
 I, for one, am very grateful for the opportunity.

Aldo Burbank said 7 months ago :
This post at informed me a bit.

Back again after a long time - Rails 7 - scaffolds? - table view?

Tho, I wonder what your View is. 

Thank you.

David Kimura PRO said 7 months ago :
You can add some templates into your application. In my template apps, I have set up to get back to the table type of index actions. You basically copy the templates folder to your lib and it will override the default behavior.

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