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kjdelys kjdelys posted on 2024-04-23 05:16:28 UTC

Hello guys,
I'm facing a strange issue with active storage. I had an app using active storage locally on production. I'm now moving this data to a S3 compatible storage on contabo. I copy paste the content of my local storage in s3 bucket but it's not working. Image are not found.
Any idea?
Thanks in advance.

David Kimura PRO said about 1 month ago :
You may need a rake task to run on the blobs. In the Rails console, look up a Blob that was uploaded.
It will likely return something like

Whatever you have set for the name in the storage.yml will be what you need to set for the service_name. You can bulk update this with something like
ActiveStorage::Blob.update_all(service_name: 'contabo')
Where, in this example, contabo would be the top level key name of the service in the storage.yml.

kjdelys PRO said about 1 month ago :
Hey David,
I tried that. Not still working. The images are still broken.

kjdelys PRO said 28 days ago :
It seems it works now. To be honnest i don't know what changed

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