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#228 API Structure and Error Handling 2-9-2020

We look at consistency in a Rails API structure and handling errors.
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#172 API Authentication with Omniauth 2-10-2019

OAuth alone can be a difficult task. Combined with a Javascript Framework or Mobile Application, and things can get confusing quickly. In this episode, we look at a standalone React Component authenticating to a Rails 5 only API.
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#162 Creating a Simple Slack Bot 12-2-2018

Slack is a great application to keep in contact with friends, coworkers and a community. With bots, its capabilities are endless. In this episode, learn how to create a Slack Bot to interact with.
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#154 Service Objects for API Interactions with Twilio 10-7-2018

In this episode, learn how to extract the interactions with an external API into a service object so that code is isolated and interchangeable.
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#146 Rails API Documentation 8-12-2018

In this episode, we look at creating an interactive documentation for a Rails API.
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