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AWS Security Groups and Deploying Rails 6 to Beanstalk 21:15

#203 AWS Security Groups and Deploying Rails 6 to Beanstalk 8-18-2019

Back in Episode #106, we configured and deployed to a very simple AWS Beanstalk environment. However, in this episode, we take things a bit further and explore security groups, an existing database and redis service. Also, there are a few changes that we have to do in order to get Rails 6 working within Beanstalk.
pro rails production deploy deployment aws

Load Testing with JMeter 16:15

#184 Load Testing with JMeter 4-21-2019

Load Testing is an important aspect of due diligence when hosting a production application. It can also help uncover infrastructure requirements and server costs.
pro rails production tests

Additional Dependencies in Beanstalk 9:51

#107 Additional Dependencies in Beanstalk 11-26-2017

Sometimes your AWS Beanstalk environment may require configuration changes from your app to properly deploy and get everything working.
pro rails production deployment

Deploying to AWS Elastic Beanstalk 11:54

#106 Deploying to AWS Elastic Beanstalk 11-19-2017

We’re going to get a Ruby on Rails application running on a staging environment on AWS Elastic Beanstalk. The Rails app will be connected to a MySQL database instance.
pro rails production deployment