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Reactive Applications with Stimulus Reflex 16:30

#209 Reactive Applications with Stimulus Reflex 9-29-2019

Create Reactive and Single Page Application like with no javascript or with Stimulus Controllers.
pro web sockets rails javascript stimulusjs

Stimulus Javascript Framework 21:59

#112 Stimulus Javascript Framework 12-31-2017

Used at Basecamp for some time, and recently open sourced to the public, Stimulus is a small Javascript Framework used to manipulate existing DOM elements on the page. This episode, we will dive into interacting with Stimulus and setting it up in a new Ruby on Rails application.
pro rails javascript javascript framework stimulusjs

Blockchain in Ruby on Rails 23:21

#128 Blockchain in Ruby on Rails 4-8-2018

In this episode, we look into creating a blockchain as well as proof of work for car maintenance tracker application. Blockchain is used to establish a trust that records have not been tampered with.
pro rails model blockchain

In-depth Look into ActiveStorage 21:59

#111 In-depth Look into ActiveStorage 12-24-2017

In this episode, we look at ActiveStorage, which is the new file uploading interface in Rails 5.2, and how we can accomplish direct uploads to cloud storage, retrieving & displaying uploaded content, and showing progression with progress bars.
pro rails 5.2 cloud uploads

ViewComponent in Rails 12:26

#196 ViewComponent in Rails 6-30-2019

The ViewComponent library will provide a new way for creating reusable and testable view components.
pro view rails 6.1