Tim Dowling PRO said 29 days ago on PDFs with Prawn :
Once you get used to working with Prawn it's very quick and easy. What would you recommend using converting a user customised template (maybe through liquid) to PDF? 

David Kimura PRO said 28 days ago on PDFs with Prawn :
In those cases, it may be easier to use wickedpdf.

hknaksu PRO said 28 days ago on PDFs with Prawn :
It would be good if you can made a follow up video with multiple page documents using fixed header/footer.
May be also using other layouts such as A4 or C5.
E.g: a C5 order envelope with item picture or customer billing statement that spans multiple pages.
Currently using old https://github.com/bollenberger/fpdf/blob/master/fpdf.rb, but can't decide whether to use prawn or wickedpdf.
Thanks for the video.

Sam Van Damme PRO said 21 days ago on PDFs with Prawn :
Another idea for a follow up video is running Prawn in an AWS Lambda function and drop the PDF in S3. Any chance this is coming up?

Thank you for this one, many good ideas!

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