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[email protected] said almost 2 years ago on Infinite Scrolling :

Thanks for the video, It was really helpful for me when I was trying to implement this feature for a view with several lacks of performance in our application. Great job man!

[email protected] said almost 2 years ago on Impressionist :

Awesome episode!

[email protected] said over 1 year ago on Testing with RSpec :

Hi @kobaltz, thank you so much for too much effort in make the videos as good as they are, can you create an episode for use mock and stubs?

[email protected] said over 1 year ago on Serialized Attributes :

I have two questions: 

1. Is it a good idea to user after_initialize callback in the user model? It will trigger the callback even for persisted data. 

2. Why are you using a singleton method into this callback?

Thank you so much for this awesome videos. 

[email protected] said over 1 year ago on Sending Emails :

Thanks for the tips for the preview and the CSS inline for the elements. Great video!