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Creating Custom Ruby on Rails Generators

Episode #89 7-16-2017 free

Simplify your workflow by using custom generators to streamline the creation of files and templates that you use often.

Virtual Columns with JSON Data Types

Episode #88 7-9-2017 free

Continuing from Episode #87, we take a deeper dive into virtual columns in Rails 5.1 and use them to parse JSON Data Types with adding indexes to the virtual column.

Virtual Columns in MySQL

Episode #87 7-2-2017 free

In Ruby on Rails 5.1.0, generated virtual column support was added for MySQL and MariaDB. Using generated and stored columns can leverage heavy calculations to the SQL side.

Plotting Points on a Map from Scratch

Episode #86 6-25-2017 free

Using the Google Maps Javascript API, learn how to plot markers onto a map. Load markers and info windows through AJAX calls to your Rails JSON API.

Working with Subdomains

Episode #85 6-18-2017 free

Learn to create a multi-tenant application where access to tenants are determined by the subdomain.

Geocoding, Places and Maps

Episode #84 6-11-2017 free

Using the Geocoder gem and Google APIs, learn how to add some geolocation functionality to your application.

Autocomplete with HTML Results

Episode #83 6-4-2017 free

Working with an autocomplete can be very simple. However, things get complicated when you try to use HTML markup in the displayed results. Learn how to use HTML markup within your autocomplete results!


Episode #82 5-29-2017 free

The DataTables Javascript library creates a powerful display of your application's data. Some of the features include pagination, server side processing, sorting and search.

Bootstrap Framework and Ruby on Rails

Episode #81 5-21-2017 free

Using Bootstrap in your application has become much more simple. Also learn to create some helper methods to make working with Bootstrap much easier.

Routing Partials

Episode #80 5-14-2017 free

The routes file can grow to be unmaintainable and messy. Learn to keep things organized by extracting out blocks of routes into their own files.