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#217 Working with Time Zones 11-24-2019

Time Zones in Rails can sometimes cause confusion and erratic behavior. In this episode, we look at working with Time Zones in Rails.
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#216 Using Bootstrap Themes 11-17-2019

Bootstrap Themes can be difficult to incorporate into a Ruby on Rails applications. In this episode, we look adding Bootstrap and a Bootstrap theme into our Rails 6 application.
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#213 Website Accessibility 10-27-2019

In this episode, we add Bootstrap into a Rails 6 application and look at various aspects of website accessibility.
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#202 SweetAlerts in Rails 6 8-11-2019

Sometimes adding a javascript library can be difficult because either it's not a straightforward process or some of the blog articles are either outdated or don't work properly. In this episode, we look at adding SweetAlerts into a Rails 6 application with Webpacker.
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#196 ActionView::Components in Rails 6.1 6-30-2019

In the unreleased Rails 6.1, ActionView::Component will provide a new way for creating reusable and testable view components.
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