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#223 Like Relationships and Global ID 1-5-2020

In this episode we create a Like/Unlike system where users can like posts and use Global ID to obfuscate IDs.
free rails model routes controller 1 Comment

#220 Associations and Mathematical Business Logic 12-15-2019

In this episode, we build our associations and organize our mathematical business logic.
pro rails model service objects 1 Comment

#192 Persistent Referral Links with Devise 6-9-2019

In this episode we create a referral system with permanent links. Users can sign up with referral links which tracks the relationship between the referer and the person referred.
pro rails model associations 0 Comments

#180 3 Different Perspectives of Importing Records 3-31-2019

In this episode, we look at 3 different ways of importing data into a Rails application; each having their own use cases, drawbacks and benefits.
pro rails model performance 2 Comments

#161 Refactoring Models 11-25-2018

Sometimes our models get so large that they become unmaintainable. In this episode, we look at how we can slim down the size of the models without losing functionality.
pro rails model refactor series - social media 12 Comments