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Push Notifications with ActionCable 8:55

#205 Push Notifications with ActionCable 9-1-2019

In this episode, we look into using Push Notifications within our Rails application and then using ActionCable to broadcast Push Notifications to the user.
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Observer Patterns 15:04

#141 Observer Patterns 7-8-2018

The Observer pattern (also known as publish/subscribe) provides a simple mechanism for one object to inform a set of interested third-party objects when its state changes.
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User Notifications 13:08

#136 User Notifications 6-3-2018

Using the Notifications Rails Engine, we are able to add notifications to our applications based on certain events. The engine provides the schema and necessary controls and associations to seamlessly integrate into your app.
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Faye WebSockets - Part 2 6:46

#25 Faye WebSockets - Part 2 4-17-2016

Learn how to install and configure a thin server within a Linux environment hosting a Faye WebSocket application. This episode includes showing you how to server your WebSockets over a secure SSL connection.
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Faye WebSockets - Part 1 7:07

#22 Faye WebSockets - Part 1 2-23-2016

Using WebSockets, we are able to create a realtime notification between browsers. Useful for in-app messaging, chats, and more! Learn how to use Faye's Publish and Subscribe methods. I believe that this paves the way for successfully using and learning the upcoming ActionCable.
free rails websockets messaging notifications