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Intro to Docker on Windows 11:19

#72 Intro to Docker on Windows 3-19-2017

Developing a Ruby on Rails application on Windows can be difficult, but doesn't have to be with Docker. Learn how to use Docker to create isolated containers and get them to talk with the Rails app and passed through to the local computer.
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Managing Servers with Ansible 14:02

#66 Managing Servers with Ansible 2-5-2017

A look into the Drifting Ruby network architecture and how I manage deployments with Ansible.
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Sidekiq on Production 6:58

#60 Sidekiq on Production 12-25-2016

Sidekiq is a Ruby Background Processor that manages its queue with a Redis service. Learn to deploy Sidekiq to your production environment.
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Production Deployment on Ubuntu 16:15

#31 Production Deployment on Ubuntu 5-30-2016

A guide to configure your Ubuntu installation and deploy a Ruby on Rails application. Lock down the settings to prevent unwanted access.
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