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Contributing to a Gem 12:14

#240 Contributing to a Gem 5-3-2020

So, you've been using a gem for some time and you've either discovered that the gem isn't working correctly or that you want to start contributing to the gem itself. Sometimes this can be an overwhelming task. In this episode, we look at the basic processes for contributing to a gem.
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Emojis from Scratch 19:35

#227 Emojis from Scratch 2-2-2020

In this episode, we look at attaching emojis to our comments model, allowing them to fill in some emotional cues.
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Ruby on Rails Tips and Tricks 13:23

#210 Ruby on Rails Tips and Tricks 10-6-2019

Ruby and Ruby on Rails tricks from, dot files, operators, bundling, StimulusJS and more.
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Introduction to Dragon Ruby 26:20

#197 Introduction to Dragon Ruby 7-7-2019

Dragon Ruby is toolchain that allows developers the ability to build apps and games in Ruby.
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Teaching at Bootcamps with Ed Toro 0:12

#194 Teaching at Bootcamps with Ed Toro 6-19-2019

Ed Toro speaks to his experience at bootcamps from a teacher's perspective. We gain a different perspective of what bootcamps are like. Ed shares valuable information whether you're considering getting into coding or currently at a bootcamp.
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