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Contributing to a Gem 12:14

#240 Contributing to a Gem 5-3-2020

So, you've been using a gem for some time and you've either discovered that the gem isn't working correctly or that you want to start contributing to the gem itself. Sometimes this can be an overwhelming task. In this episode, we look at the basic processes for contributing to a gem.
free gem ruby

Creating a Basic Gem 9:32

#99 Creating a Basic Gem 9-24-2017

Gems are a packaged library of functions that can extend your application or provide other features to your system. Learn to create and publish a ruby gem.
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Mountable Engines 9:23

#79 Mountable Engines 5-7-2017

Mountable Engines are a great way to extract code into its own namespace and allow the code to be reused in other applications. Other popular gems that are mountable engines are Devise and Doorkeeper.
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