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Working with Large Data 15:42

#201 Working with Large Data 8-4-2019

When database tables get large, things can slow down significantly. In this episode, we look at a few things which helps keep databases performant and the client side responsive.
free rails database 6.0

Improving Partial Loading Performance 11:38

#145 Improving Partial Loading Performance 8-5-2018

N+1 queries can make an application slow. Having queries called within views can also slow down an app as well as making it less extendable.
free rails performance database

Auditing with Paper Trail 6:30

#96 Auditing with Paper Trail 9-4-2017

Using the paper_trail gem, track changes to model records for auditing purposes and rollback changes when required.
free rails database audit

ActiveRecord Migrations 12:00

#95 ActiveRecord Migrations 8-27-2017

This episode covers different tips and tricks around database migration files.
free rails database migration

Virtual Columns with JSON Data Types 7:10

#88 Virtual Columns with JSON Data Types 7-9-2017

Continuing from Episode #87, we take a deeper dive into virtual columns in Rails 5.1 and use them to parse JSON Data Types with adding indexes to the virtual column.
free rails database json