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#210 Ruby on Rails Tips and Tricks 10-6-2019

Ruby and Ruby on Rails tricks from, dot files, operators, bundling, StimulusJS and more.
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#209 Reactive Applications with Stimulus Reflex 9-29-2019

Create Reactive and Single Page Application like with no javascript or with Stimulus Controllers.
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#208 Creating Health Checks 9-22-2019

Health Checks are an important part of monitoring an application's health. However, a simple status response may not be sufficient. In this episode, we look at creating a health check which monitors some dependencies of a Rails application.
pro development rails deployment 8 Comments

#207 Client Side Validation with StimulusJS 9-15-2019

Give clients quick feedback on form validation errors with ValidateJS and StimulusJS.
pro rails form stimulusjs validations 5 Comments

#206 Creating and Publishing a Stimulus Controller Library 9-8-2019

In this episode, we create a public StimulusJS Controller and publish it to NPM to that it can be shared and reused in other applications.
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