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#220 Associations and Mathematical Business Logic 12-15-2019

In this episode, we build our associations and organize our mathematical business logic.
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#219 Reputation Behavior with Merit 12-8-2019

Merit adds reputation behavior to Rails apps in the form of Badges, Points, and Rankings.
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#218 From jQuery to ES6 12-1-2019

jQuery has been a great tool for many years, but we've seen a transition in the past years where applications have dropped jQuery and moved to vanilla javascript. In this episode, we look at some common jQuery examples and the ES6 equivalencies.
free javascript es6 jquery 3 Comments

#217 Working with Time Zones 11-24-2019

Time Zones in Rails can sometimes cause confusion and erratic behavior. In this episode, we look at working with Time Zones in Rails.
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#216 Using Bootstrap Themes 11-17-2019

Bootstrap Themes can be difficult to incorporate into a Ruby on Rails applications. In this episode, we look adding Bootstrap and a Bootstrap theme into our Rails 6 application.
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