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Introduction to Dragon Ruby 26:20

#197 Introduction to Dragon Ruby 7-7-2019

Dragon Ruby is toolchain that allows developers the ability to build apps and games in Ruby.
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Teaching at Bootcamps with Ed Toro 0:12

#194 Teaching at Bootcamps with Ed Toro 6-19-2019

Ed Toro speaks to his experience at bootcamps from a teacher's perspective. We gain a different perspective of what bootcamps are like. Ed shares valuable information whether you're considering getting into coding or currently at a bootcamp.
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Inline Editing Records 13:08

#191 Inline Editing Records 6-2-2019

Using Rails UJS, we create an interactive row editing solution without using any kind of Javascript frameworks.
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Interview with Riaz Virani 20:30

#188 Interview with Riaz Virani 5-15-2019

Riaz talks about his experience with organizing and hosting the Atlanta Ruby Users Group meetup. We discuss sponsors, hidden costs of hosting meetups and general tips for guests.
free ruby interview community

Nested Forms from Scratch with StimulusJS 16:54

#186 Nested Forms from Scratch with StimulusJS 5-5-2019

Using StimulusJS controllers, adding nested forms to a Rails application is easy and unobtrusive. In this episode, we look at an alternative way of creating nested forms without the Cocoon gem.
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