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Serialized Attributes 12:04

#4 Serialized Attributes 7-22-2015

Store multiple attributes and values using a text column. Not for everyday use, but has situations where it can save on the number of columns and/or models needed to accomplish a task.
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ActionCable on Production 6:13

#3 ActionCable on Production 7-20-2015

Taking a look at ActionCable and switching from Puma to Thin. On server reboot, spin up the ActionCable service.
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Impressionist 5:50

#2 Impressionist 7-19-2015

A lightweight plugin that logs impressions per action or manually per model
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Pow 3:28

#1 Pow 7-18-2015

Serve your applications on your development machine with ease. Pow allows a dev domain to your local machine for spinning up linked applications
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