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#225 From Devise to Auth0 1-19-2020

Continuing from the previous episode, we look at the transition process from Devise to Auth0.
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#224 OmniAuth Authentication with Auth0 1-12-2020

In this episode, we look at setting up a fresh application with Auth0 and mimic a lot of the commonly used Devise methods to make a transition from Devise to only Auth0 easier.
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#223 Like Relationships and Global ID 1-5-2020

In this episode we create a Like/Unlike system where users can like posts and use Global ID to obfuscate IDs.
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#222 Setting Up and Testing OmniAuth 12-29-2019

In this episode, we look at creating a Ruby on Rails application with OmniAuth as the authentication solution and write tests to ensure that it works properly.
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#221 Minitest and Test Driven Development 12-22-2019

We continue from Episode 220 and add additional features and write tests for existing code. We look at introduced bugs and how test driven development can help to not only fix the bugs, but strengthen our test suite.
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