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Inviting Collaborators from Scratch 20:13

#238 Inviting Collaborators from Scratch 4-19-2020

In this episode, we continue the Trello clone by adding a collaborator invitation mechanism to join working on lists. We look at some tricky ActiveRecord relationships and various solutions.
pro model rails trello-clone

Sorting from Scratch 10:57

#237 Sorting from Scratch 4-12-2020

Our Trello clone continues with adding in the ability to persist sorting of items in the database. This is the third episode of our Trello clone.
pro rails stimulusjs trello-clone

Drag and Drop with draggable 22:50

#235 Drag and Drop with draggable 3-29-2020

Adding onto the previous episode, we add a drag and drop to our lists and go deeper with nested resources.
pro action text controller rails stimulusjs view trello-clone

Multitenancy 14:12

#234 Multitenancy 3-22-2020

In this episode, we look at some of the practices with and working with multi-tenant applications. It is the first episode of building a Trello clone.
pro rails trello-clone controllers

Audio Streaming with Active Storage 10:21

#233 Audio Streaming with Active Storage 3-15-2020

Using StimulusJS and Active Storage, create a simple Audio Streaming service where users can play and stream audio content.
pro active storage rails stimulusjs