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Autocomplete with StimulusJS 8:18

#251 Autocomplete with StimulusJS 7-19-2020

In this episode, learn how to easily add autocomplete search functionality to your Rails Application with StimulusJS.
pro rails search stimulusjs

FullCalendar with StimulusJS 15:23

#250 FullCalendar with StimulusJS 7-12-2020

FullCalendar still remains to be one of the best Javascript calendar libraries and with the power of StimulusJS, it is easier than ever to interact with. In this episode, we look at implementing the latest version of FullCalendar (v5) in our Ruby on Rails application.
pro javascript rails stimulusjs

Deploying to Heroku 16:09

#248 Deploying to Heroku 6-28-2020

Heroku is a Platform as a Service (PaaS), where you can deploy and manage your Ruby on Rails applications. It is one of the easiest platforms to deploy to; allowing you to focus on the development side of things instead of worrying about managing an infrastructure.
pro deploy deployment rails

Dynamic Role Management 17:31

#247 Dynamic Role Management 6-21-2020

Create dynamic roles that can be assigned to users. Based on the assigned role, the user will be able to perform or view various parts of the application.
pro model rails security

Video Chat with WebRTC 27:42

#246 Video Chat with WebRTC 6-14-2020

Using ActionCable and StimulusJS, we can create a Zoom-like video chat functionality where chat rooms can share live audio and video streams.
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