#9 ActiveJob 7-30-2015

ActiveJob is a built in wrapper within Rails 4 for your background processors. By adding this layer to your application, swapping background processors is much easier as you will only be affecting a limited number of files.
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#8 Sending Emails 7-30-2015

This episode is a prelude to ActiveJob and background processing. Learn how to send emails using an external mail service with Rails.
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#7 Sitemap Generator 7-28-2015

Adding Search Engine Optimization to your site is easy. However, maintaining it can be difficult. This episode shows how to approach the sitemap indexing.
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#6 attr_encrypted 7-26-2015

Protecting your data within your database has never been easier. With attr_encrypted, you can easily add a level of security to your application without much refactoring.
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#5 Florrick 7-24-2015

This is a Rails library which integrates with Active Records and provides some awesome user-initiated string interpolations for your web apps. For example, have you ever needed to allow users to insert their own variables into e-mail templates or messages?
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