#41 DRY up your Javascript 2016-08-08

Learn how avoid duplicate code to reuse existing javascript.
rails view performance 3 Comments 4:30 min

#40 puma-dev replacement for pow and prax 2016-07-31

Puma-dev is the emotional successor to pow. It provides a quick and easy way to manage apps in development on OS X; supporting web sockets and ssl.
development web server 10 Comments 6:24 min

#39 ActionCable - Part 3 - Securing Your WebSockets 2016-07-24

Using authentication and authorization, lock down your ActionCable WebSockets so that messages are only sent and received to the intended users.
rails view websockets security 0 Comments 5:48 min

#38 ActionCable - Part 2 - More Complex Example 2016-07-17

Extending the previous episode, we look into making a realtime poll application where users can get live feedback on voting.
view websockets render javascript rails 0 Comments 5:10 min

#37 ActionCable - Part 1 - Configuration and Basics 2016-07-10

A walkthrough on configuring ActionCable with Rails 5. Learn how to configure your mount points and the basics of using ActionCable with your Rails application.
rails view websockets render 1 Comment 6:32 min