dan.laffan PRO said 8 months ago on Tailwind CSS :
HI   David Kimura ,

This was a really useful summary of TailwindCSS. I agree with you that Bootstrap seems like the better choice - a single add-in that gives you just about everything you need.

Best regards, Dan

daijinara PRO said 8 months ago on Tailwind CSS :
  David Kimura Hi again. I looked into Tailwind CSS official page, and one of its strength is about minimalism in CSS usage, by coding directly into HTML element class, instead of dumping all as stylesheet asset. 

While daisyUI offers elegant pathway for people who are familiar with Bootstrap (and I really appreciate your content in introducing to us), does its semantic style of coding defeat the purpose of Tailwind CSS philosophy (the CSS minimalism)? 
Also, are you using Shuffle template together with daisyUI? 

David Kimura PRO said 8 months ago on Tailwind CSS :
While I agree that daisyUI may violate some of Tailwind CSS's philosophy, I think it's also important to ask if those principals really matter to me or the project. I recently deployed an application to production using Tailwind CSS and daisyUI and the amount sent over the wire is about 17kB. Uncompressed, it is about 90kB. I'm okay with this even if there is additional stuff that is being generated and never used. Honestly, I really don't care too much about the CSS minimalism stuff. I care more about application maintainability and consistency.

I've dabbled with Shuffle a bit, but I don't use it too often. It's great for getting quick things in a view, but also rather limited in the stuff that it provides. Perhaps it will get better in years to come.

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