Marco De Rossi said about 2 years ago on Form Wizards from Scratch :
Great tips. 
Can you can a previous and next step buttons?. If I have form with 8 steps. Let assume I am on the 7th step and decide to change an attribute on step 2. How do I get back to step 2?

David Kimura PRO said about 2 years ago on Form Wizards from Scratch :
  I would handle this with the buttons as the names would have a commit param. I'm not sure how this would be handled in i18n land. I'd assume that you'd pass a value attribute on the form.submit with previous or continue.

    <%= form.submit "Previous", class: 'btn btn-secondary' %>
    <%= form.submit "Continue", class: 'btn btn-primary' %>

You can then navigate to the appropriate routes on the create action.

      def create
        @company_profile =
        if @company_profile.valid?
          session[:company_profile] = {
          redirect_to redirection_url
          render :new


      def redirection_url
        case params[:commit]
        when "Continue"
        when "Previous
          # handle non matching (likely the next step)

SMP PRO said about 2 years ago on Form Wizards from Scratch :
Great video!

Thanks, David.

liam said almost 2 years ago on Form Wizards from Scratch :
Hey  , this is great, thanks very much!

One quick question - if I wanted to use the form data as search parameters, how would I tweak it at the end of the form to do this?

EDIT: I'm also struggling to render the first step of my form from my root index, since it's not a _partial. I tried creating a partial to render but then the submit/continue to step 2 doesn't work.

bbb PRO said over 1 year ago on Form Wizards from Scratch :
Hi   Awesome episode. I am curious if you have any thoughts on this type of implementation vs. using the wicked gem? 

Also, I'd be curious to learn how you go about saving state in this type of implementation. Aka. user proceeds through the wizard. At some step they log out, and some time in the future they log back in. 


njunusk said 6 months ago on Form Wizards from Scratch :
Hi Dave. 

I want to upload an image with the multi-step form. How can I go about this?

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