Hass PRO said over 1 year ago on AWS App Runner :
Great episode David. It's strange that we're still not past Heroku's convenience. I would've imagined deployment in 2021 to be closer to that experience but it's still not.

Rodrigo Barreto PRO said 12 months ago on AWS App Runner :
hey looks like the video is down

David Kimura PRO said 12 months ago on AWS App Runner :
  Try refreshing the page. I did make a change a week ago in how the videos are delivered, but haven't experienced any issues with it since. I've added some CORS settings to be a bit more permissive.

gabi PRO said 11 months ago on AWS App Runner :
If we are developing in Apple M1 pro, do we have to  do bundle lock --add-platform x86_64-linux-musl   and  use buildx specifying the platform also in development? I've been trying to dockerize a Rails 6 application following some of your other videos (the one where you use a template to create new ones) but I end up getting errors when trying to run docker-compose up. The errors generally refer to a gem that didn't install and take place when the command rails webpacker:install is trying to run.

David Kimura PRO said 11 months ago on AWS App Runner :
That would be my assumption. I'm not sure what the architecture is on the App Runner, but I would assume that it is a x86/amd64 CPU. I too am working on an Apple Silicon chip and whenever I deploy, I do need to take into consideration the difference in the chipsets. I normally catch any issues in my CI/CD (which runs on an Intel CPU) so it hasn't been too big of a deal here.

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